Wanted: lots more data storage

We all take Google for granted. We expect it to work, and work really well, each time we use it. But imagine the hardware and software that are needed to keep this leviathan operating at such a level with the kind of usage it gets today – mindboggling. And I discovered, when researching my series of lectures on Leadership, Teambuilding and Managerial Creativity, that Google has not always found it easy to keep pace with demand.

Image © GOOGLE

Some years ago now, Google’s head of engineering needed to solve the problem of data storage – an ongoing problem – and rather than seeking a technical solution, he chose a creative approach. He formed two teams to work on the problem, each working independently, and stepped back while they set about the task. And when one of the teams came up with a solution – which was implemented – he kept the other team working on the next solution. A kind of rolling contract. It has obviously proved to be a successful model. I’m sure that, like me, you find Google works pretty well, whenever you need it.

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