Targeting Success

Don’t let hidden forces hold you back

Success is often elusive. It is also difficult to describe or recognise, but it is something everyone in business is (or should be) seeking.

The key challenges are psychological, and understanding what hidden forces may be holding you back are important first steps in becoming successful.

There are also practical skills to master, such as leadership, perseverance and forgiveness.

Topics covered

What or who is stopping you from succeeding?

Power: gaining it, keeping it and using it to good effect

So, you want to be a… (developer, accountant, lawyer etc.)

How big is your ambition? Is it big enough for a lifetime?

Under-promise and over-deliver: a sure way to success

What do you want out of it? Power, money, acclaim?

Becoming a leader: small teams and large organisations

Combining creativity with problem-solving skills

Learning from mistakes: forgive, forget, and move on

Persistence, perseverance and getting to the top