Seismic changes ahead

Looking to the future to consider the end of high street stores, the latest developments in online retailing, the demands of the latest generation of shoppers and the way forward in the light of the possible end of ‘stuff’.

Case studies covered

Looking at the giant Amazon and considering the strategies that have afforded them market domination. Seeing how their capture of data has given them a huge marketing advantage, and considering the long-term impact of their voice interaction package (Alexa) and their move into home security.

Following trends among younger buyers for greater transparency in the production process, we look at online retailer Everlane, a US-based clothing and accessories supplier that aims to show its pricing policy all the way from sourcing materials through manufacture to delivered goods – the antithesis of fast fashion.

In conclusion we look at the possibilities in the future from 3-D printing and customisation. We consider whether it is likely that products will be built in customers’ homes to their own unique specification, opening up endless possibilities for individuality. And we speculate on the part that Virtual Reality is likely to play in the future, perhaps making it possible to meet a virtual shopping assistant in an alternative VR world.

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Challenges old and new
Global giants
Offline and Online
Seismic changes ahead
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