Challenges old and new

Looking at the challenges facing businesses in today’s competitive environment, whether old-established or new to market. Seeing how they have used different approaches to marketing to sell their products and services.

Case studies covered

A look at privately-run and family owned Mars, one of the most familiar and long-established brands – and its move into popular culture with the opening of its M&Ms World superstores in major cities around the world, contributing to its claim to be the producer of the world’s biggest selling confectionary brand.

Seeing how Daniel Ek and his co-founder set out to change the way we consume music through Spotify, putting an end to a century of traditional music retailing and merchandising, and creating new opportunities for artists’ self-promotion.

Understanding the way in which high-end fashion retailer Burberry now uses social media as a key part of its marketing strategy, reaching potential customers and influencers in real time through its ‘in session’ video feeds from the catwalk and maintaining regular contact with its customer base.

Looking at the rise of Netflix from its early days as a traditional video rental retailer to a global media-services provider, now producing original content through its own production company. Understanding its marketing strategy and considering where it will go next.

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Challenges old and new
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