Managing the unmanageable

A look into the styles of management favoured by true visionaries, where the need to carry everyone in the company along with ‘impossible’ projects creates its own special leadership challenges.

Case studies covered

Taking a look at the special requirements in creative businesses such as Heatherwick Studio, where designer Thomas Heatherwick has built a business around his creative genius and his ability to surprise and amaze his clients.

Following Apple founder Steve Job’s extraordinary path to success through total commitment and self-belief, despite failures along the way, which attracted like-minded individuals to join him on his journey.

Considering the obstacles to success for technology entrepreneur Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX, for whom nothing is allowed to stand in the way of his vision for the future, whether in the field of electric cars or man’s colonisation of Mars.

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How does it work in practice?
Managing the unmanageable
Creativity at the top