Innovation and Strategy Management

What type of business is it?

Understanding the distinction between an invention and an innovation through a potted history of human development, starting with evolution. Considering whether it is best to be first to market with a product, or better to opt for a later launch with an improved offer.

Related case studies:

Looking at examples of great inventors of the past, such as Nikola Tesla, who failed to win commercial success despite his genius, and companies such as aircraft manufacturer De Havilland who lost out to Boeing in the race to dominate the market in air travel.

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Considering the main drivers behind innovation, using the example of messaging service WhatsApp prior to its takeover by Facebook, as well as looking into the unusual problem-solving solutions at DARPA, the US Defence Department’s agency responsible for developing new technologies for the military.

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Looking into the development of the virtual reality system from Oculus Rift, from its initial invention through an ongoing programme of innovation, seeing how the management team have responded to objections and encouraged constant appraisal and product enhancement to guarantee long-term success.

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Taking a look at the special requirements in creative businesses such as Apple and Heatherwick Studio, where originality and foresight create their own particular challenges.

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