Supplier Mentoring

Create value by improving supplier productivity and attitude

What we do

Creative service suppliers are no less important in the supply chain than others, and their impact on the organisation can be significant. Sadly, they are frequently overlooked by those outside the creative arena who fail to understand the potential benefits of the working relationship.

Recognition of the involvement of this group in the supply chain has several advantages for an organisation, including security of supply, continuity of service and ownership of collateral materials produced.

Town & Town provide the skills needed for managing greater creative supplier involvement and so enable organisations to reap the benefits of a better disposed and motivated supply stream.

Here’s a situation you may find familiar…

“That was our favourite client on the phone. They’ve given me the new brief, and they don’t need to see anything until Monday.” Hannah looked at her watch. It was 4.30, Friday. She turned to her team. “I hope you lot haven’t made any plans for the weekend.” Long faces all round, as well as plenty of mumbling about overtime.

Finding a solution

It seems to be the natural order of things that requests, particularly for creative services, have a habit of coming from clients late on a Friday. Using suppliers in this way is not only costly and unproductive, it also becomes a habit and suppliers often feel aggrieved but know that they are in no position to push back.

Resulting benefits

Understanding how services can be delivered more effectively and agreeing sensible working practices is fundamental to building a secure and reliable supply chain. However, the concept of making sensible investments in time, effort, and – where appropriate – money, is not widely practised in the creative area, yet the benefits are obvious: a better, faster, more cost-effective and reliable service, delivered by happier and more willing creatives.