Supplier Assessment

Evaluating suppliers’ current capabilities to meet changing demands

What we do

Good supplier relationships are built and strengthened over many years, and an active supplier will endeavour to adapt to their clients’ needs through investment in new technologies and the learning of new skills.

In order to make sure the relationship is as beneficial to the organisation as it should be, periodic reviews of creative service suppliers should be undertaken to take advantage of new practices and more efficient processes in the production of creative materials.

As an independent arbiter, Town & Town are uniquely placed to assist organisations in this process, leading to improved relationships and an efficient, cost-effective supply chain.

Here’s a situation you may find familiar…

“They shouldn’t be working on this stuff! I know you’ve worked with this agency for years, but we can’t compromise our major campaign by getting them to do this type of work.” The Marketing Director was furious, and David had nothing to say in his defence. He had promised to sort things out, but had been let down by a freelancer. Worse still, he didn’t have an alternative supplier lined up.

Finding a solution

David decided it was time to take a critical look at his supplier base, a job he felt was best left to an unbiased outsider. The process revealed that while a number of the suppliers were to be commended for their depth of knowledge and loyalty to the company, they had, over time, taken on too many jobs at once, or tasks that were beyond their capabilities. A number of better alternatives were available to start right away.

Resulting benefits

After a year, all but one of the original suppliers were still working for the company, and with the new suppliers in place, David was able to put his department forward to take on a wider range of projects. The original agency benefited too, as its profitability increased in tandem with offloading many small, labour intensive jobs to new suppliers better suited to the work.