Motivating Creatives

Matching appropriate skills and attitudes to the task

What we do

Clients can be forgiven for failing to differentiate between creative tasks. After all, these can range from the highly original to the mundane and repetitive, all under the guise of creativity.

‘Creative types’ often have high energy levels and a disproportionate influence within a team, and if this energy is not directed to an appropriate task they can prove disruptive. While most team members can keep themselves busy, underutilised ‘creative types’ can be a distraction and can take up a disproportionate amount of management time.

At Town & Town we match skills and attitudes to the appropriate tasks within creative services, leading to a more effective and focused creative team that produce better and more consistent results.

Here’s a situation you may find familiar…

Tom was heading out of the office door when Eva intercepted him.

“What’s up, Tom? You don’t look very happy.”  “Don’t ask,” said Tom. “I’ve got 15 web banners to get out, and they’re all virtually identical. A monkey could do this job – don’t know why I bothered going to Uni. I’m going next door for a coffee.” Eva smiled. “Maybe you should teach me how to do it. Looks a lot more interesting than checking suppliers’ invoices.”

Finding a solution

At the next team meeting, Tom’s boss decided to give Eva’s suggestion a try. To his surprise, Tom found that he enjoyed fitting in some admin tasks around his regular work, and Eva soon became a whiz at producing simple banners. It wasn’t long before other team members took an interest, and Tom was soon able to take on a managerial role for most of the banner work.

Resulting benefits

Job satisfaction levels increased dramatically as efficiency improved so much that they no longer needed to call on freelancers for help. Happy staff, happy boss.