Resource Assessment

Assessing the available resources to meet fluctuating demand

What we do

Organisations need to be aware of the capacity of their creative resource. Whether there is a big project in the pipeline, a change in market forces or the impact of new technology to consider, requirements can be subject to rapid change. Unfortunately creative resources, whether internal or external, are not rapidly or infinitely scalable.

We help organisations optimise the creative resource they have and build new capacity where it is needed. When you are planning ambitious expansion, Town & Town make sure your plans are not thwarted by a lack of vital creative resources.

Here’s a situation you may find familiar…

“We’ll need to act quickly on this new product launch.” Marketing Director Olivia was addressing the creative team in her usual no-nonsense style. “You’ll probably need 15 additional designers. Facilities can have desks in place by Monday, IT can supply computers and infrastructure by Tuesday latest, so your people should be able to start on Wednesday. We have to launch this product on time.” Adam considered a response, but kept it to himself.

Finding a solution

Fortunately for Adam, his boss was well aware that the marketing department needed to become more agile and able to respond more quickly to huge fluctuations in demand. He also knew that getting new recruits up to speed takes longer in the creative services area than perhaps any other. By introducing an external specialist to assess the situation, he was able to develop relationships with new suppliers and put contracts in place in very little time.

Resulting benefits

Fore-warned is fore-armed, and a good understanding of the capacity of the in-house workforce is vital in anticipating a sudden rise in demand. With a range of alternative suppliers already briefed and contracted, an organisation is able to take full advantage of unforeseen marketing opportunities, and can put more fire-power behind product launches without having to gear up internally.