Communication Auditing

Understanding and reconciling conflicting objectives

What we do

In today’s competitive environment, organisations focus on the detailed analysis of each campaign they run and base future activity on the results. Some go further and allocate a cost against every response they get, so why is there a need to add to this careful, considered process?

At Town & Town we believe that if the only way to get responses is to constantly run promotions and money saving offers, then the marketing effort has only been successful in a limited way. To truly assess the effectiveness of the current creative work, one needs to look more closely at the brand building component to see whether a bank of goodwill (creative capital) is being created with your customers or eroded.

Good creative work can do more than just sell products and services; it goes beyond a bigger and brighter banner, a larger and more aggressive discount or cash incentive for customers to use your products or services. Truly effective creative can be a key component in building a loyal customer base. With our background and wide experience in creative service provision, we can assess the effectiveness of your creative output and measure it against your competitors.

Here’s a situation you may find familiar…

Sophie was taken aback by the call from her old friend from Uni. Was her company really offering such big discounts to customers that it looked like it was giving the product away, or worse still, going out of business? She called a meeting of her fellow VPs, and didn’t like what she was hearing. Job offers rejected, sales figures down, the bank asking difficult questions, and her CEO worrying about new legislation on handling customer data. Some clear thinking was required.

Finding a solution

Bringing in an independent adviser was the obvious solution – someone with an unbiased view who could offer a completely objective approach to the problem. A full report quickly alerted Sophie to the best way forward, involving a complete rethink of the company’s marketing policy and a move away from aggressive discounting. A programme of brand rebuilding was undertaken with the emphasis on quality over value.

Resulting benefits

With the right creative approach and a more long-term view in the marketing department, Sophie’s company was soon back on track. Greater brand loyalty and improved consumer perceptions filtered through to the employees in the form of increased confidence and higher levels of job satisfaction, and big discounts quickly became a thing of the past.