Brief Building

Translating requirements into actionable tasks for creatives

What we do

The single most difficult task for marketeers is good briefing. Creative briefs must avoid suggesting the solution, yet not be so vague as to be unfathomable. When the person giving the briefing does not have an advertising or marketing background, it makes the task doubly difficult.

Problems can also arise when someone at a senior level has to take an active part in the creative process, or when someone from outside the creative environment is asked to manage a major project. These circumstances have a habit of arising at times of tension within an organisation when major changes are afoot and good decisions are vital.

We help clients get the brief right by using appropriate language to communicate key fundamentals so that the creative supplier is able to deliver what the client requires and fulfils all aspects of the brief.

Here’s a situation you may find familiar…

Anna felt that she had been dropped in at the deep end. New to the job, she had been asked to oversee a major product launch while HR scrambled to find a replacement for her Marketing Director who had just left the company at short notice. Struggling to forge a good relationship with the agency, she just didn’t feel that they knew what she wanted.

Finding a solution

Fortunately for Anna, the company understood the need for good communication. An external advisor was called in to translate the new product launch objectives into a clear and appealing brief, so Anna was left to get on with the job she had been brought in to do, and the agency were left to deliver the launch on time and on budget.

Resulting benefits

With one success story under her belt, Anna was encouraged to learn from the experience and spend time working on thorough, clear briefs to the agency. By the time a new Marketing Director was appointed, she felt that things were under control and that she could continue to extract more value from the agency in terms of commitment and creative output.