Soft Skills 5 – Targeting Success

Don’t let hidden forces hold you back

Success is often elusive. It is also difficult to describe or recognise, but it is something everyone in business is (or should be) seeking.

The key challenges are psychological, and understanding what hidden forces may be holding you back are important first steps in becoming successful.

There are also practical skills to master, such as leadership, perseverance and forgiveness.

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Soft Skills 4 – Dealing with Colleagues

How to play your part

The workplace should be a place of harmony, but all too often it is not. Deciding how you play your part is a vital skill for survival.

You will need to work with different kinds of people, make decisions and resolve conflicts, where your communication skills will be tested.

You will need to share knowledge, encourage patience, and read others better than they read you.

See the topics I cover in my course here: Dealing with Colleagues

Soft Skills 3 – Looking Outward

Facing the world

How do others see you and how do they value you? The way you look and interact is vital; make the most of what you have.

You need to be a regular high performer with whom other people want to work: understanding that skill set is crucial to success.

Interacting with others and recognising differences, evaluating their opinions without having your own ignored.

See the topics I cover in my course here: Looking Outward

Soft Skills 2 – Looking Inward

How well do you know yourself?

A dispassionate self-evaluation is hard to do, but if you are serious about success you will need to know more about yourself and what you are expecting from work.

What are your internal drivers, what are you good at, and where could you improve?

How do you value yourself, and are you the pro-active type, or would you rather take a back seat?

See the topics I cover in my course here: Looking Inward

Soft Skills 1 – The Bigger Picture

Looking at the bigger picture

With a sound life plan and a few soft business skills, success should be guaranteed.

The challenge is in the life choices you make at the start. What things should you consider and what should you ignore?

What should you do when things don’t work out? And how do you juggle all the elements for success and remain calm, rational and professional?

See the topics I cover in my course here: The Bigger Picture