Creative Skill Set 3.1 – Project Commissioning

Matching the Supplier’s Capabilities to The Project

When creative services, either internal or external, are not functioning as well as expected, it is often due to a mismatch between their capabilities and the organisation’s requirements. Often the principal creative service provider does a reasonably good job in response to the majority of its client’s requests, but when the requirement of more peripheral users is not being met, the relationship can begin to break down.

In turn, this can degenerate into a wholly unsatisfactory situation where suppliers are dismissed without good cause before suitable replacements can be found. This can be avoided by acknowledging the differing requirements of the various departments within the organisation and finding suppliers to meet those needs, either by improving the relationship with the current suppliers or by appointing alternative suppliers.

At Town & Town, we provide specifications for the primary demand for creative services as well as those of the more outlying departments to guarantee optimum service levels to all stakeholders.

Here’s a situation you may find familiar…Project Commissioning