I kick-start start-ups

My name is Peter Town, and I act as both coach and mentor to entrepreneurs launching their businesses. After many years running my own successful creative consultancy, I now help in the exciting area of business start-ups. As I also invest in some of these new businesses, I benefit from unique insight into the early development process through my ongoing relationship with the major players.

What’s the problem?
I have seen a great many pitches from young hopefuls who exude enthusiasm for their product or concept, but sadly this confidence is often misplaced. I have identified 3 key areas where I find experience is lacking:

1. Soft business skills
A lack of self-awareness, motivation and commitment to themselves and their teams means that they are often ill-prepared to pitch to a potential investor. I help by providing one-to-one coaching to improve their presentation skills and guarantee a good result.

2. Creative management
Too much emphasis on the legal and financial aspects of starting a business often leaves entrepreneurs lacking the basic tools to succeed. I help by showing how they can be creative in managing the resources they have available, allowing them to do more with less.

3. Sales savvy
A lack of understanding of the customer’s needs, or a failure to identify the correct customer profile, often leads to misdirected marketing budgets. By deploying a few basic techniques such as research, focus groups and product testing, I help entrepreneurs achieve their objectives and keep their investors happy.

What’s the best solution?
No one solution fits all, and clients use my services in several different ways. For some, one-to-one mentoring works best, while others might choose team building skills, but in almost all cases I provide advice on sales and marketing strategy.

Find out more
Take a look through my case histories and client list to see more of what I do.  Please contact me through my LinkedIn page here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/petertown/

And what else? 

Mild synaesthesia helps me make new and unusual connections when problem solving, so it should come as no surprise that I think in pictures. Having spent my time so far as a conceiver and visualiser of ideas, it follows that painting, photography and generally making marks on surfaces is my natural medium.  Find out here what I do when I am not helping others.