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Posted on 30 November 2006

100% Design

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100% Design – having missed a couple of years, several people made the comment ‘It’s not as good as it used to be’ before I visited this year, and after my visit I had to agree.

Posted on 28 November 2006

Mentoring and motivating - improving the return on creative resource investment


It is not easy to convince organisations that they should make an investment in creative resources, these can range from an in-house art department to a catalogue of royalty earners. Even when they do, attitudes can be counter-productive.

Posted on 31 October 2006

Creative thinking – providing synaesthetic solutions to new challenges

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There can be few senior people in organisations who believe there are any simple solutions to today’s complex and elastic questions, but they do need answers nonetheless.

Posted on 31 October 2006

I feel reassured

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When I recently wrote about the demise of truly creative problem solving by designers and my decision to start my career over again, I hoped that the changes were not due to something we were doing wrong in our business.

Posted on 30 June 2006

Should you be concerned?

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Trying to cheer up an old business acquaintance recently whose company is holding on for better times, I said ‘Hey, look on the bright side – we have just survived a downturn as bad as the 1930s’.

Posted on 01 March 2006

How did I get here?

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Starting Again Imagine that you could start something in your life all over again. I actually did it. But 'why?' My company, Town Group, started life shortly after I left the Royal College of Art.