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Posted on 10 February 2009

Joris Laarman

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Like Tord Boontje, Joris attended the Eindhoven Design Academy.

Posted on 20 December 2008

Magnificence of the Tsars

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It is wonderful that there is space for an exhibition of this kind and the V&A is the ideal location; it is after all a rather idiosyncratic subject and if I had not seen it I would know less than nothing about court dress in Russia.

Posted on 15 September 2008

Addicted to TV?

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Television is a blessing; if you are in the mood then nothing can beat an evening on the sofa watching your favourite programme. It has also been hailed as a great educator.

Posted on 12 September 2008

Praying for Sleep by Jeffery Deaver

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Jeffery Deaver is a prolific writer with around 30 novels to his credit. Best known for The Bone Collector he is an accomplished crime / thriller writer who has worked as a journalist and a practising lawyer.

Posted on 07 May 2008

focused on the future

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After I graduated from the Design Communications department in the 1970s I spent a further year at the college on the academic staff before founding of my own design consultancy.

Posted on 03 May 2008

State of Fear by Michael Crichton

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Crichton is an interesting character; he has created two powerful franchises, Jurassic Park and ER, one drawing on his keen life-long interest in science and the other his knowledge as a qualified MD.

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