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Posted on 08 January 2014

Where to look for new ideas.

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Hidden depths.

When it comes to seeking out opportunities to generate revenues in an innovative way, I think there can be few companies that have done it as well as British Columbia based Triton Logging.

In the face of increasing criticism and concern over deforestation around the world, Triton has discovered a way to harvest trees under water.

Previously considered too dangerous, the company is now successfully excavating ebony, mahogany and other valuable hardwoods from Ghana’s Lake Volta. Using a device that combines GPS, video and sonar, they are able to find, cut and retrieve trees at considerable depths.

This small, privately owned company should be well rewarded for its innovative thinking and hard work. They estimate that around 300 million tress worth some $50 billion lie under water, mostly submerged in lakes formed by a programme of dam building in the 1960s. Good news for Triton’s investors, and for all those who champion small over big business.

With thanks to Brian Dumaine for his article ‘Save a Tree: Log Underwater’ in Fortune magazine, 25/7/11, which provided the information for these thoughts.