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Posted on 21 March 2012

Where the smart money is headed.

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Investing in future winners.

As an investor in small, start-up creative businesses, I am always interested to learn about other lesser known companies around the world that are attracting interest. By looking at a reasonable cross-section, one can begin to spot trends and hopefully see where the smart money is headed.

Not surprisingly, many companies tipped for imminent IPOs are in the areas of social and web-based media. What started out as platforms to facilitate ‘keeping in touch’ or expressing opinions on restaurants now attract millions of users who bring much needed advertising revenue in their wake.

These businesses have nation-wide and often global reach. The travel industry, to cite just one example, has been transformed by the extraordinary popularity of DIY holidays booked on the web, as the recent demise of Thomas Cook demonstrates all too well. Another sector currently attracting interest is energy provision.

Spurred on by concerns over global warming and the ever increasing cost of fossil fuels, more and more small companies are investigating alternative sources, including ways of harnessing the heat from the sun. And with an ageing population in the developed world, small companies involved in healthcare are capitalising on what can only be a growing market.

Undeniably less sexy than other areas of business, this is one that is set to take off in a big way. All these businesses need good design at their core. There will always be a need for products that demonstrate functionality alongside strong aesthetic appeal. I shall continue to seek out the future stars who will contribute to what we all hope will be a bright, and brave, new world.

With thanks to Fortune magazine, 15/8/11, for its article ‘Startup Stars’ which provided the inspiration for these thoughts.